About Dr Christine Williams

Dr Williams’ principal clinical role is to provide assessment, treatment and management of a wide range of psychiatric disorders in childhood and adolescence.

Dr Williams was appointed as a National Health Service Consultant Psychiatrist in Child, Adolescent and Family Psychiatry in Peterborough (North West Anglia Health Care Trust) in 1994 and has worked as an independent consultant for more than ten years. Her NHS duties also involved being clinical tutor in North West Anglia and an Associate Training Program Director in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Mental Health Partnership Trust; undertaking a range of managerial duties within the NHS and sole consultant responsibility for a Tier 4 in-patient unit in the public sector. Working entirely within the independent sector, Dr Williams continues to enjoy good working relationships with her colleagues and participation in 360-degree feedback processes, including for and beyond her annual appraisal, has consistently revealed positive feedback from patients and their families. She regularly undertakes continuing professional development and peer appraisal and has been successfully revalidated by the General Medical Council.

She has significant experience in psychopharmacology, particularly in the treatment of mood disorders, anxiety disorders including obsessive compulsive disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder with/without Hyperactivity and management of Autistic Spectrum Disorders. She is trained in both the Autism Diagnostic Interview and the Autism Diagnostic Observational Schedule. She also has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating young people with learning difficulties presenting with mental health issues.



Being cognisant of the fact that frequently children and young people do not require medication, Dr Williams works with a network of trusted senior clinicians, particularly from the discipline of psychology and ensures that liaison takes place with individuals providing psychotherapeutic intervention so that care is tailored to an individual’s needs. The principle that intervention and management must be centred upon the young person’s needs means that Dr Williams will also work closely with other agencies, including schools, while respecting that medical confidentiality is of the utmost importance.

A General Practitioner referral is required and it is Dr Williams’ usual practice to ensure that permission to liaise with other agencies is sought at the time of the first meeting; any correspondence to schools, etc., is sent via parents or guardians. Similarly, if it appears that care within the private sector is not appropriate, such as in the event of severe mental illness or dangerous deliberate self-harm, Dr Williams will facilitate the passage of management to the public sector having advised the reasons behind the decision.


Dr Williams specialises in areas of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry